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It's only a few bits of paper stapled together but take it from Sandman, it takes a silly amount of time and effort. Quite glad we did it though, Sheffield needs something like this. There's so much good music being made in Sheffield in so many different forms that we figured we'd try and cover as much of it as possible in one magazine which is specifically aimed at Sheffield and specifically aimed at you.

Apart from anything else we know what it's like, sometimes it feels like you're playing or DJing to yourself. If nothing else we'll try and make sure that people who go to gigs or to clubs have, at least heard of you.

Of course, it doesn't mean we'll applaud everything, the reviews you'll read here are the writers' opinions and musical taste is a highly subjective thing. If it's crap we'll merely point it out.


Just a quick mention of things we've liked in the last week and haven't had a chance to put in the mag.


Songs: 'All about face' by Skydiva and 'Dreaming of you' by The Coral. Bands: Katz Kiely's band and The Downtime Philosophy. Drinks: Slambas, which are tequila based drinks which come with their own special slamming flask and only cost 59p from Rhythm and Booze on Eccy Rd (they're currently out of stock because we've done the lot). Mysticism: gullibe housemates who've been lead down the garden path by Sairah Board and her tarot cards and now can't function unless under divine instruction. Wrestlers: Specifically Kendo Nagasaki. If anyone knows where to get hold of one of his 'faceful of speedos' mask let us know.

Right, that's done then. If you're reading this on the 27th September then we've spent all day lugging thousands of copies of Sandman around town and now we're getting ready to go out. We'll probably go for a bite to eat at Kumquat Mae on Abbeydale Road, whizz up to Urban Gorilla at The Fez Club then, provided energy levels are high enough finish up and finish ourselves off at Headcharge. G'night.



Sandman Sheffield Editorial

Jan Webster

October 2002


Sandman Magazine Issue 001 October 2002
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