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Who is he? Well worth being nice to, as he controls the sound at Barfly - front of house sounds and tech’ requirements. Also produces stuff from his own studios including the last couple of Sally Doherty albums and the new long one from Subway Journey.

How did he end up doing it? “I was in a band called Avida Dollars and basically got tired of going into studios and getting shite sounding demos. Then I got into doing live sound for my next band Electracloud and did a few courses at Red Tape Studios then I was down at The Grapes for a while. I knocked live stuff on the head for a bit but now I’ve been at Barfly for about a year.”

The Upside: “Live sound is more exciting, it’s not like the studio where you just press rewind and do it again. It’s great when it comes together and great bands make it easier for me to be a bit creative with the sound. Bands like Mooney Suzuki, Hawksley Workman (he’s mental) and ARE Weapons.”

The Downside: “When bands are arseholes. We try and provide a nice environment for bands both onstage and off and when they turn up late, or managers whinge or even in the case of one band trash the dressing room it’s not good.”

What’s your bag, baby? “I mainly like guitar driven stuff. (A random selection from his bag reveals CDs by Beck, MC5, Frank Black and Filter.)”

Who’s good in Sheffield? “Wisconsin Death Trip, the last time I did them they were really untogether in soundcheck but got it together on stage and I really enjoyed watching them. Champion Kickboxer I like although their sound is a bit awkward.”



Lyndon Hobson

The Backroom: Lyndon Hobson

October 2002


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