BUNNY are: Guy – vocals, thin strings, Milli – thick strings, Robsi 98 – keys and dials and Danny – percussion.

Weds 16th October - fly from Manchester into Newark, NJ and then on to Atlanta. We drove around Atlanta, worn out, looking for our hotel.

Thurs, 17th October - 9hr journey to New Orleans in our ‘A-team’ van. On arrival, the receptionist tells us we have the “swank” room. He was right. It was a rather impressive suite with oak panelling. This evening we head for the famous Bourbon Street - a mix of jazz, alcohol, tourists and old people. Respecting the local traditions, we sample the Bourbon. I’m found lying in the middle of the road and Milli throws up out of the window of the cab. Then we are sick all over our hotel room – a good night.

Fri, 18th October - Danny, Rebecca (manager), Robsi 98 and myself walk leisurely around New Orleans, leaving Milli to recover. He is later found wandering around the ghetto. Play our first gig at a venue called the Mermaid Lounge. After a local funky pop band has drawn a large crowd, we take the stage and clear the place in 20 seconds! After a disappointing start we’re soon cheered by lots of compliments on our playing.

Sat, 19th Oct - Another 8hrs to Memphis. We check into our hotel and go to meet a guy called Nick, from a band called Viva L’American Death Ray. We’ve been in contact over the Internet and he’s helping us set up a gig. Next a local house party and we start playing at 12:30 am, but at 12:50 the cops came and break it up. For being too good!

Mon 21st Oct - Pay a visit to Graceland and Sun Studios (where Elvis recorded). Justin Timberlake is there on a photo shoot. In the evening, we go to watch another band called The Kills, who are supporting Primal Scream on their next tour. We meet a hilarious guy, with the best surname – Shawn Youngblood. With him and some other new, mad friends, we drive off in the back of a pickup, blasting through the streets of Memphis in the middle of the night. We think we might die.

Tues 22nd Oct - A two hour drive to Nashville. This evening we go out to The Exit Inn to see the Von Bondies, who were good and the female singer entertains us with her knee high socks. We like her.

Wed 23rd Oct - We have a look around Nashville and later head to a dive called The Springwater for our next gig. It’s a redneck bar and a big fat drunk man with a long white beard hugs me. We play with a punk band called Without MF Order, who are all ex-cons, but nice chaps. A noise rock band called Totalshutdown, are on after us and their bass player plays some nice folk/death metal beforehand. We play in the middle and get a fantastic reaction.

Thurs 24th Oct - Leave for Cincinnati. Four hours. Meet local rock band, Readymaid, who are kindly putting us up for the four days and who are also supporting us on a couple of gigs.

Sat 26th Oct - Readymaid, Mallory and us at Top Cats. Both bands are really good. There’s a big crowd and we play a track called ‘Audio Landscape’, which has been a big hit in these parts having been playlisted on a local rock station. People are even singing along. Afterwards we go to a party and lap up the acclaim. Wow the chicks with our plummy English accents.

Sun 27th Oct - Down the road to Oxford for the Varsity gig. There we find our picture on the front cover of the local paper, with an interview on the inside. Fame at last. We draw an enthusiastic audience, and it’s a great gig, we even sign a few of our last mini-albums for some guys.

Mon 28th Oct - Fly back to Newark and spend hours trying to find a cab to take our equipment and us to the hotel in NY. We stay at the arty house establishment, the Carlton Arms. It is an experience and not since the Falklands have I had to use a pipe as a showerhead.

Tues 29th Oct - Look around the East Village and bump in to Alice Cooper, breaking out in to a badly sung rendition of ‘Poison’. Slope into a trendy bar called, ‘APT.’ where you grab a ticket and have 7 mins to impress the crowd with your dj-ing skills. Rebecca and I have a go, I was great and Rebecca won a prize.

Weds 30th Oct - The first day of the CMJ festival. During the day we eat uptown in a diner and sit next to Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber). Then we visit the head of A&R at MCA Records. It turns out to be an amazing day - went to watch the Polyphonic Spree and Radio 4, whilst at the same time meeting Alan McGee and Seymour Stein (signed The Ramones and Madonna)

Thurs 31st Oct - Up the Empire State building, join in the massive Halloween parade and see the Datsuns and the Dirtbombs play at the Bowery Ballroom. Also meet up with Frenchi from Young Heart Attack – another really good night.

Fri 1st Nov - This is our CMJ show at Galapagos, in the trendy area called Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The acoustics aren’t great but we put on a good show and everyone is really into it. Loads of A&R people turn up and give us plenty of encouragement.

Sat 2nd Nov - Our last day and night in NY. A couple of us visit the famous transvestite bar, Lucky Chengs. Robsi catches the eye of a Philippine lady boy called Kasha – they swap emails! The rest of us head out on the lash to celebrate what’s been a fantastic tour.

Sun 3rd Nov - The start of a long journey home. Arrive back Monday morning, tired and exhausted but delighted at what we’ve achieved and armed with a host of great memories and a stack of compromising photos.




From despair to where, or Doncaster to the States to be precise. Guy from BUNNY's tour diary

December 2002


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