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WHO IS HE? Works at Red Tape Studios arranging music industry advice and support. Otherwise can be found at a pub, club or gig near you 'networking'. He always seems to be there when you go out…

HOW DID HE END UP DOING IT? "I decided at the age of four or five that I could possibly be a pop star because it was dead easy and simply a matter of repeating the words 'baby baby baby' a number of times. But having been in bands since the late eighties I've realised that it's not that simple and success is not always guaranteed.I've spent time working in community arts and education so that's mixed in with the music stuff towards what I do now. We're now funded to put aspiring music types directly in touch with the industry and help them get into business."

THE UPSIDE: "I get to go out a lot and meet lots of people who are into music."

THE DOWNSIDE: "Too much booze and late nights. People say to me 'I don't know how you can do it' but the truth is I can't really - I'm a mess!"

WHAT'S YOUR BAG BABY? "I have a fondness for messed up rock'n'roll stuff like The Fall. And electronic stuff or anything that's interesting or unusual really - oh, and cheese! Locally I rate Texas Pete, Champion Kickboxer, Chuck, Chicken Legs, Fat Truckers, 65 Days of Static - as well as more 'sit-down' stuff like Justin Lewis, Sally Doherty and Big Eyes - and others."


Andy Muir

The Backroom:

Andy Muir

February 2003


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