Who is he? He’s a very busy drummer in Chuck, Texas Pete and the Motherfuckers.

How did he end up doing it? “I came to Sheffield in 1990, to live with my girlfriend, from Telford in Shropshire - a horrible piss hole of a place. I was an indie kid wanting to play in a band and I had spent the last year playing drums, going nowhere. I’ve drummed for loads of bands like ‘Anything’s Better than Kenneth Williams, Plug, Ginger and then Chicken Legs Weaver. They’re a bit hard to remember now - like girlfriends.”

What’s so good about it? “You can get drunk, act like a tit and show off like a dumb ass bastard all the time!”

What gets you down? “Being in 3 different bands means I have 3 different practices every week. Then there’ll be gigs on top of that! Fortunately I’ve got a small kit so I don’t have to lug much around. The worst things are having 2 gigs on the same night or playing gigs with hangovers.”

What’s yer bag baby? “50’s rock’n’roll, 60’s garage punk, 70’s punk, 80’s indie (like the Smiths), 90’s well, the JSBX and the good stuff you find on little labels like Crypt. Local bands like the Real Losers, The Dharma Bums, Big Eyes, Ploof, The Wisconsin Death Trip and Champion Kickboxer. I think it’s a lo-fi thing - I like music that’s not perfect.”

Any Advice? “You should become a drummer because… there aren’t enough and I know nothing about drums! Learn to have a good time on stage. Oh and look out for our single - ‘I’m a Fucker’”



The Backroom:


March 2003


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