Who is he? Managing director of G2 Studios which has seen the likes of Jarvis, Phil Oakey, Roisin & the All Seeing I. He's also involved with a none-profit Development Trust called Electro Works which aims to provide an informal, natural environment to bring the music industry and musicians together. He also tours as a sound engineer (he’s worked with The La’s) and is setting up his own label called Ubishi.

How did he end up doing it? "When I left school there were 50,000 people going for one job. It was good for me as there wasn't any pressure to get a job because there weren't any going. So, I joined a band called The Blind. We recorded some stuff with crap results, but the recording really fascinated me. I went on to get an Enterprise Allowance to set up a studio just to record our own stuff and experiment with the technology. As we got our own premises, overheads increased, so we started to record other people."

What's good about it? "I'm in charge of myself, I'm constantly meeting people. I also get to hear new music first."

What's not so good? "Having to get into bed with the public sector - people seem to work against each other. It's difficult to have a young family. The music business happens in the afternoons and the evenings - it's a sociable job with unsociable hours."

What's yer bag baby? The Langley Schools Project, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash - music that pushes the boundaries. I like the Fat Truckers and local singer songwriters like Jody Wildgoose."

Any Advice? "You don't need much gear to set up a studio but you do need to use your imagination. Don't let the bastards grind you down and respect the value of music."

Mark Mercer

The Backroom:

Mark Mercer

April 2003


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